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    Providing support to families of fallen Journeymen Linemen, Utility Linemen, Apprentices, Groundmen and Operators
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    Meet Our fantastic Board of Directors
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National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen (NSUJL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to families of Fallen or Injured
IBEW Journeymen Linemen, Linemen, Apprentices, Groundmen and Operators.
Thank You for all your support!!!

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Lineman Necklace Looking for Unique lineman gifts? Would you like to find some Lineman Jewelry for your wife or girlfriend? You are in the right place. In our store, we sell Lineman Necklaces, Lineman pendants, A one-of a kind Lineman bead (for use on Pandora type bracelets), Custom Lineman Hook Charm, and lots of other great gifts for Linemen and their Linewives or girlfriends. 100% of proceeds benefit fallen/injured Journeymen Linemen, Utility Linemen, Apprentice Linemen, Groundmen or Operators. Visit our store today! Visit Store

Stanley Harrington

Thank you to the family, friends and coworkers of Stanley Harrington for your donations in lieu of flowers as requested by the family. We are humbled beyond words of your generosity at a time which is so devasting to all. We've created a page in honor of Stanley on what will be our new site.

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Helping Families in Need, When they need it the most!

Braving the Extreme since 1891...

Linemen to run power lines. Back then, Safety and other necessary measures were unknown with this new system called electricity. Linemen were loosing their lives in vast numbers on a weekly basis. Since, with the help of organizations and unions across the country, there are Lineman apprenticeships, safety equipment and training programs available.

Despite all the Safety Meausures taken...

Safety Linemen are still caught in the cross-fire of Electricity finding it’s path to least resistance. Those men are running into a federal disaster area as everyone else is vacating. As result, Accidents still occur. Some are “lucky” enough to survive with broken bones, lost limbs or badly burned, spending months on end in a burn unit and/or rehab to recover from their injuries. Others, not so lucky, making a power linemen one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country.

Apprenticeship Programs

ColorsThere are Several JATC's All over the country. Moutain States, Cali/Nevada, Northeastern, American Line Builders, Southwestern, etc. They are out there! Contact one of them.

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Necessity or Luxury...

Cross-platformI suppose that depends on who you ask. Everyone has experienced how discomforting an outage at their home is, without Linemen, that would be regular daily life. Without Linemen, Modern technology and Medicine would not be. Without Power Linemen the world would be a dark place. Linemen Light up Your life